About Brighton, Colorado

 Since 1904, Brighton has served as the permanent seat of Adams County. Brighton Colorado is a city founded on a rich history of diversity, agriculture, pioneers, railroads, and commerce.

Today, Brighton is a teaming mosaic of old and new and recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the US.  It is also on the leading edge with the energy industry and automation. Additionally, Brighton’s close proximity to Denver, combined with a location central to a major transportation triangle for highways, railways, and air—Denver International Airport (DIA) is the fifth busiest airport in the country—give Brighton a leg up on transportation, and positions Brighton as the perfect trifecta relocation destination for businesses and individuals or families.

The eastern gateway to the Denver Metro area along the state designated Pollinator Highway (I-76 corridor), Brighton is officially recognized as a suburb of the Denver Metro area—about a 25 minute drive to Downtown, and less than that to DIA. Even so, Brighton has been able to maintain that small town appeal and charm that you can’t find in larger suburbs. From Brighton’s growing arts and music scene to our historic downtown with craft breweries and a karaoke bar, from beautiful Barr Lake State Park to our array of local farm experiences and great parks, we’ve got something to do for just about any age.

If you haven’t looked into Brighton yet, now is the time because there’s more to Brighton Colorado than meets the eye. That’s why we say, “You don’t know what you’re missing if you just drive by!”

About the Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau

The Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau has been the primary voice for area business in nearly every industry from farming, agriculture and healthcare to small retail business and large scale manufacturing since 1955.

Vision & Mission

The Chamber's vision is to be the connector, catalyst, and champion for area businesses to expand the local economy and its mission to deliver, preserve and create a robust business community.


Core Values

Innovation – We bring original ideas and opportunities to our members.

Excellence – We set high standards.

Integrity – We act with good intent and high morals.

Passion – We are wildly zealous about our work.

Inclusivity – We welcome everyone.

Historic Splendid Valley

Historic Splendid Valley is an eclectic agricultural area established through a partnership with the City of Brighton and Adams County. The area is focused on preserving farmland and stimulating innovative opportunities that create closer connections between people, farming and nature. 

Historic Splendid Valley has roots that run both wide and deep. Former railroad man Daniel F. Carmichael filed for the first plat (or official plan) for the new townsite of Brighton in 1881. According to his obituary in the Brighton Blade dated March 3, 1911 he “took a fancy to the place and determined there should be a town here that would be a credit to the splendid valley of the Platte.”

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